Joining the RSCH : Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are the different ways to participate in the RSCH?

A: Both individuals and agencies are welcome to participate as general members, for regular updates and community consultations. Individuals and agency staff with senior strategic experience in homelessness are encouraged to register for Advisory Groups.  Directors and executives of housing and service agencies responsible for strategic decision-making that want to become members of the RSCH are welcome to apply for open seats at the Constituency Table (Constituency Table elections take place at the direction of the Constiutency Table members).

Q: How can I apply for membership to the RSCH?

A: The membership application form can be accessed here.  All instructions and information on applying to become a member of the RSCH are available at 

Q: How often will members be recruited to the Constituency Table?

A: Constituency Table members participate at the Table for staggered terms of two and three years.  Therefore, every two years members may apply for open Constituency Table seats.   

 Q: How will the RSCH ensure that the voice of the members is reflected in the decisions of the RSCH?

A: Decisions are informed by consultations with the general membership and technical direction from Advisory Groups, who make recommendations to the Constituency Table.  Every year there will be an Annual General Meeting during which members will be invited to give input on the work of the RSCH.

Q:How will the RSCH make sure that the diverse voices of different programs, client groups and regions will be heard at the Constituency Table ?

A: The Constituency Table will provide seats for a full range of programs and services.  There will be a total of 3 seats for emergency shelter, transitional/supportive housing, and non-market housing providers, and up to 10 seats for agencies focusing on the following clients: Aboriginal, youth, women, families, seniors, francophones, newcomers, and people with disabilities, mental health, and addictions issues, and general outreach services.  The RSCH will work to ensure that all seats at the Constituency Table are filled and that applicants are providing services in communities throughout Metro Vancouver.

Q: If I register for an Advisory Group, what will I be expected to do?

A: Advisory Group members would review staff reports and related documents on matters such as the implementation of the Regional Homelessness Plan, research initiatives such as the Metro Vancouver Homeless Count, or funding issues such as recommending projects for funding under the HPS Call for Proposals process (only those members which are not at a conflict of interest).  A flexible approach will be taken to create different Advisory Groups depending on current issues facing the RSCH. Advisory Group members will be called on to review the materials necessary and provide recommendations to the Constituency Table.

Q:  I would like to apply for a Constituency Seat, but my agency does not deliver support services or housing to the homeless, nor is a Community Homelessness Table.  What should I do?    

A: Agency representatives interested in participating at the Constituency Table but who may not fit within any of the Constituencies, may still apply for consideration in the ‘other’ category.  This seat is designated for an interested strategic stakeholder, such as an association, network or advocacy group.  Agency representatives are encouraged to contact to advise staff of their interest in joining the Constituency Table.

The relationship between the three levels of governance at the RSCH: participation at the Constituency Table is not absolute.
The relationship between the three levels of governance at the RSCH.

Q: How can members stay informed of Constituency Table discussions:

A: Minutes of the Constiutency Table meetings will be available to the membership at

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