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Street Smarts – Improving Relationships with Street Youth (2009)

This video is intended to assist professionals such as health care providers, police and security forces, and business owners to improve their relationships and interactions with street involved youth.

A number of young people from the Metro Vancouver area participated in this project through focus groups and interviews. Their perspectives, in addition to input from professionals and business owners, provide a thoughtful look at the skills needed to produce respectful interactions.

This video has been posted on You Tube and linked here. It is divided into 5 sections that can be viewed independently or consecutively. The total running time is approximately 22 minutes.

Youth who participated in making this video are available for presentations to your business or community group.

Click here to download a printable information sheet about this video.

Part 1 (7:29) Street Smarts – Improving Relationships with Street Youth. This is an introduction to how businesses, medical professionals and law enforcement officers can improve their relationships with street involved youth.

Part 2 (4:25) Improving Relationships with Law Enforcement. In this part, both youth and an officer discuss how to improve interactions between street involved youth and law enforcement.

Part 3 (3:56) Improving Relationships in Health Care. In this part, youth, a public health nurse and a physician discuss ways to improve their interactions and build trust.

Part 4 (3:44) Improving Relationships with Business. This part explores how businesses can improve their interactions with youth as employers and as leaders in the community.

Part 5 (2:31) Looking Ahead. This is the conclusion to Street Smarts and summarizes why everyone has a role to play in building successful relationships with street involved youth.

This video is presented by the Greater Vancouver Regional Steering Committee on Homelessness – Youth Working Group. It is presented here for educational purposes only.  This video is protected under applicable copyright and other proprietary rights. Please contact info(@) for information about obtaining a DVD copy.

Video on Housing First (Calgary Homeless Foundation)

Video on Housing First for Youth (Katie Davies, Boys and Girls Clubs, Calgary “The Infinity Project”)