RSCH Governance Structure: Constituency Table

In the RSCH governance structure, the Constituency Table is the decision-making group of the membership, and is responsible for providing a regional voice on the work of the RSCH, endorsing recommendations from the Advisory Groups, setting organizational policies and procedures, and advancing the mission of the RSCH.

The role of the Constituency Table members is to participate on behalf of the entire region in the development and maintenance of the vision, mission, goals, values and policies of the RSCH, interpret the mission and vision of the RSCH into the overall work of the RSCH, and provide strategic direction in the implementation of the RSCH’s long-range plans, policies and strategies for addressing homelessness. Turning knowledge into action depends on an accountable, committed and strategic Constituency Table composition.  Therefore, applications for membership to the Constituency Table are invited from those leading and affecting the region’s homeless-serving infrastructure, and to direct the implementation of the regional homelessness plan.

Constituency Table Composition

Constituency Table Composition: Open and Contested Seats

Out of the total 24 seats, one third of representative are appointed by government, business, funders and Aboriginal service providers.  The remaining two thirds are open to senior management or directors of housing and services in the homelessness sector.  One seat is designated for the Community Homelessness Tables, and one seat is designated for an interested strategic stakeholder who may not fit within the prescribed Constituencies.

Timing of the next Constituency Table election cycle will be decided by the Constituency Table members.  At that time, Agencies operating facilities in the housing continuum and delivering services to the prioritiy populations mentioned below are invited to apply for ‘open’ seats (in green), provided the candidate meets the role requirements.  Agencies who enrolled after April 19th, and either belong to an appointed constituency (in grey), or does not fit within the Constiutency Table framework, and are asked to contact the Metro Vancouver Homelessness Secretariat rsch (at) if they are interested and eligible to participate at the Consitutency Table.

Further Details:

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Constituency Table Member Application and Selection Process

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