Update of the Regional Homelessness Plan

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The Greater Vancouver Regional Steering Committee on Homelessness (RSCH) is responsible for working towards the implementation of the regional homelessness plan in Metro Vancouver and for monitoring and updating the plan as required.

The first regional homelessness plan was developed in 2001 and was updated in 2003. This plan, known as ‘Three Ways to Home’, set out broad policy directions for addressing homelessness in the Metro Vancouver region. It identified gaps in the continuum of housing and services and strategies for action. The plan has served as a template for other sub‐regional plans –– including efforts by municipalities, neighborhoods, and private foundations that are committed to a structured approach to addressing homelessness.

The regional landscape of homelessness has changed since 2003, necessitating a new plan that will:

·        Continue to provide a basis for regional discussions about homelessness and the search for solutions to homelessness;

·        Continue to provide a framework for the planning, coordination and development of housing, services and supports for people who are homeless;

·        Reflect current research and best practices;

·        Reflect the views of all key stakeholders; and

·        Increase public support and promote new partnerships to end and prevent homelessness.

Regional Consultation on Housing First, July 2013

The purpose of this session was to learn more about what Housing First means in our region and to identify some of the issues involved in moving in this direction.

In summary, workshop participants identified the following ideas as most important in a Housing First approach:

·         The principle that housing is a right

·         Immediate access to barrier-free, permanent housing

·         Housing choice – type of housing and location

·         Housing and services

·         Client-centred services – focused on individual needs

·         Flexibility – so this approach can work for all population groups who are homeless and hidden homeless, including people at risk of homelessness, and including youth, families and Aboriginal people

 The RSCH plans to organize follow-up discussions on what Housing First means for Metro Vancouver as part of the consultation process for the new Regional Homelessness Plan.

Regional Homelessness Plan Schedule




Constituency Table (CT) approved Terms of Reference

September 2013

Let’s Talk Ending Homelessness Consultations

Oct-Nov 2013

Regional Homelessness Plan Priorities + Strategies

March 2014

Workshop on goals, objectives and targets

July 24, 2014

Draft Plan provided to CT for approval

Sept 11, 2014

Final Draft Plan

Sept 30, 2014

Next steps: Estimate Costs to Implement the Plan, Consultation, Implementation Plan, and Endorsement

June, 2015

Update of the Regional Homeless Plan Project Documents:

Inventory of Shelter, Housing and Support Services 2014

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Introduction to 2013 Inventory

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Inventory of Shelters and Services – Housing

PDF icon

Inventory of Shelters & Services – Income Programs

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Inventory_of Supports & Services – Support  REVISED Sept 2 14

Discussion Paper for Consultations: Housing First

Discussion Paper for Consultations: Prevention

Discussion Paper for Consultations: Capacity Building 

Terms of Reference for the Update of the Regional Homelessness Plan

Housing First July 2013 Workshop Overview and Discussion Groups

Inventory of Homeless Services and Facilities (available upon request rsch@metrovancouver.org)


Further community consultations on the new Regional Homelessness Plan will take place in the October/November.  The purpose will be to identify key priorities and strategies to end and prevent homelessness.    Discussion papers will be prepared on key issues, including Housing First, Prevention, and Capacity Building.  Stay tuned!

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